Get online bookings efficiently

Nutmeg has everything you need to get online bookings for local experiences. Our all-in-one platform includes rich support for Digital Booking, Distributions, Booking Management.

Digital Booking

  • Booking Website Builder

    Start for free

    Create your own booking website under your own domain with no upfront cost

    24/7 Booking

    Receive online bookings all hours of the day from anywhere on the globe

    Booking widget embed

    Copy-and-paste our embed code to add online booking to your existing website

  • Online Payment

    Credit card settlement

    Support for all major international cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club. Local payment with credit card is also supported

    Support Multiple Currencies with FX rate

    Settle amounts in multiple currencies, based on customer preference. Display FX conversion to make so customers understand what they are paying.

    Automatic refund + fare adjustment

    Refund back to settled credit card automatically on cancellation. Additional charge or partial refunds are supported through fare adjustment

  • Private Marketplace

    Online customer acquisition

    SEO internal optimization for all pages automatically. Create landing pages for specific targets with easy-to-use tools.

    User-friendly pages

    Customers can easily find products and compare them by Ranking, Recommendation, Categories, and Featured Tags, as well as sidebar filtering and sorting

    Stimulate booking

    Limited campaign and limited availability tags capture customer attention. Display of the number of people that have booked a product gives customers confidence to book on the spot

  • Promotions

    Wide variety of campaigns

    Specialized campaigns for local experiences allow you to set flexible conditions


    Use promo codes to offer discounts to repeat customers or members. Promo codes may also be used for alliance partners.

    Catch eyes with discounts

    Discount prices are shown throughout product pages

  • Auto Email

    Friendly instructions

    Inform customers of anything they need to know automatically, from the time of booking until participation


    Show important info about participation in an email voucher

    Participation support

    Detailed info about check-in or pick-up including Google maps erases customer worry and confusion

  • Marketing Automation

    Get additional sales

    Show recommendations after customers book. Flexible settings per product

    Upgrade (Upsell)

    Recommend product upgrades including add-ons

    One more booking (Cross sell)

    Recommend popular products booked together


  • Channel Manager

    Availability & Reservations

    Live availability to receive last minute booking. Receive bookings from agents automatically

    Wide range of distribution partners

    Major OTAs & Agents are already available, with an increasing number small to middle size agents

    Global Standard Connectivity

    Nutmeg has a modern API to allow new partners to easily join to our network

  • E-tariff

    No more paper and spreadsheets

    View price lists on any screen. Invoices reflect price data automatically to save you time

    Easy-to-edit settings

    Set per-agent commissions for all products, or set customized NET rates per product while comparing with the default rate

    Streamlined contracts

    Exported E-tariff can be attached to yearly contracts

  • Affiliates

    Digital alliances

    Create dedicated booking websites for digital media, influencers, and tourism organizations to get more exposure and online bookings

    Auto report

    Show results of affiliates on screen alongside agents to allow calculating rewards for partners

    Nutmeg handles partner payment

    Nutmeg can pay rewards for your partners on your behalf when payment is settled by credit card

  • B2B Marketplace

    Expand to new distribution channels

    You can reach out to new online distribution channels in Nutmeg by going through our easy review process

    Wider channels

    Alongside OTAs and online distributors, we also enable small and middle-size local agents to book your products

    International markets

    Asian language coverage allows you to expand into wider international markets

  • Cross-Selling network

    Provider's network

    Exchange products with other providers in your region to meet customer demand and get more exposure

    No additional operation

    Nutmeg automatically manages product contents, availability, and booking without your any change in your operation

    Nutmeg manages payment for partners

    Nutmeg can pay NET amounts to your partners on your behalf when payment is settled by credit card

  • Collaborative Packages

    More product lineups

    3rd-party package product combinations boost your product lineups on your booking website to appeal to customers

    No additional operation

    Nutmeg connects partner availability and bookings automatically, just like we do for the Cross-Selling Network

    Nutmeg handles partner payment

    We'll take care of paying your partners

Booking system

  • Merchandising

    Local-experience oriented product data

    Configure add-ons & transportation separately within an experience to meet customer demand more precisely

    Package product combinations

    Combine different products into a single package product combination to promote new products or to increase likelihood of customers booking multiple popular products

    Flexible booking acceptance

    Booking deadlines, cancellation policies, and minimum participant requirements may be configured per product to allow you to fine-tune booking acceptance

  • Contents Management

    Comprehensive contents

    Local-experience oriented product management tools allow you to set comprehensive information for your product including itineraries, inclusions, restrictions, what to bring, and other info. Product tags are also available to allow grouping related products.

    Images & movies

    You can upload unlimited images on our dedicated server

    Multilingual Contents

    Translate your products contents into other languages using tools that include a dictionary feature to ease your translation process

  • Availability

    Operation days

    Easily set operation days using calendar-based rules and exceptions. Set different rules depending on seasonality quickly

    Comprehensive inventory

    Easily configure common inventory available to anyone, per-agent dedicated inventory, or dedicated inventory for your booking website

    Daily edit

    Calendar-based daily availability and occupancy may be edited to change the number of seats, switch to request booking, or close calendar to stop selling quickly

  • Reservation

    Local experience model

    Our flexible reservation data model expresses a wide range of bookings including request, waiting list for cancellation, and standby until minimum participant conditions are fulfilled. The booking form is also fully customizable.

    Important instructions

    Show check-in or pick-up location in reservation details including your dedicated comments for the customer

    Search & Export

    You can search reservations by any condition and then export this list as a CSV report using your preferred column format

  • Manifest

    List of customers

    Show confirmed booking reports for a date and time using different manifests customized for guides, for drivers, for reception, etc.. Export these manifests or share them via email with a single click

    Grouping products

    You can show lists of customers for related products by setting product groupings in advance


    Customize manifest items and quickly distribute manifests to the people that need them

  • Dispatch

    For Guide, Instructor, Driver

    Assign reservations per staff to easily generate a dedicated manifest for each staff member

    For Vehicle, Boat, Equipment

    Assign reservations per resource. Automatically capacity calculation makes operation easier

    Outsourcing compatibility

    Register outsourced resources to generate dedicated lists that may be distributed to the outsource company.

  • Invoice

    Billing period

    Set billing period with flexible settings per agent

    Auto invoicing & fare adjustment

    Invoices show total amount per booking along with detailed line items to allow full review. Fare adjustments may be made for a booking or for an entire invoice

    Export template & details

    Use Nutmeg invoice template to save time or export our data for use in your own invoice template