For Marketing

Strong Digital Marketing

Focus on important capabilities to get online bookings on your website. Nutmeg will help you acquire new customers on your booking website, enhance those customers' experience while using the site, and take care of customers after booking.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

    Live availability for instant confirmation with online payment. Attractive promotions & product popularity

  • User-Friendly Booking website

    Improved customer acquisition on website using SEO and conversion strategies like an OTA

  • Automated Customer Communication

    Automate necessary emails to save you time. Marketing automation is a powerful way to grow your business

Higher Conversion Rate

Add online booking capability to your website with live availability to receive online bookings with online payment. Show limited campaigns to earn customer attention and lead them to book on the spot. Achieve higher conversion rate on your booking website to rival an OTA.

  • Create your booking website easily

    Create your dedicated booking website for free with only a couple of steps. Your website will be mobile & tablet-friendly with support for online payment by credit card. If you already have your own website, that's fine too. You can copy-and-paste our booking widget embed code instantly add online booking capability to your existing website.

  • 24/7 Live availability with instant confirmation

    Live availability allows customers to receive instant confirmation via E-voucher. Use custom booking deadlines to receive last minute bookings. Use "REQUEST" booking to maintain a waiting list for cancellation and use "STANDBY" booking until minimum participant conditions are fulfilled.

  • Allow customers to book now

    Attractive limited campaigns are shown automatically on the booking website and the calendar view to stimulate the customer's attention and booking interest. We also show product popularity and the number of people that have booked a product to erase any doubt the customer may have towards booking. The limited availability mark on the product calendar nudges any customer who is wavering to book on the spot.

User-Friendly Booking website

No digital marketing knowledge or experience needed. Our systems improve your online customer acquisition and customer experience automatically. Your website structure is optimized for digital marketing like an OTA, covering every step of the customer journey (find~compare~book). Our online booking system takes care of everything for you so all you need to do is create and edit your products.

  • Support online customer acquisition

    Your Nutmeg booking website is organized with SEO in mind to give you more visitors via search traffic. Easily create custom category pages and featured product pages to target specific types of customers. Nutmeg automatically generates sitemaps (xml) and provides them to search engines automatically.

  • Easy to find products and compare pages

    Website navigation keeps customers on track and guides them through product rankings, recommendations, and related products. Side bar filtering and sorting allow customers to easily find products that interest them. The bookmark feature allows easy product comparison leading customers to book in the end.

  • Customize your booking form

    Flexible booking form for add-ons and transportation is easy for customers to use. Customize the form to collect any customer information needed for participation. Show your terms & conditions and cancellation policy with final verification before booking.

Automated Customer Communication

Support customers after they book to clear up any uncertainty or concerns. Any changes on the reservation trigger automatic emails to the customer. Reminder emails are also sent before participation. Marketing automation after booking can sales by recommending upgrades or additional bookings. This can be a powerful tool to grow your business.

  • Automatic email after booking

    Automatic email notifications are sent to the customer about reservation updates or cancellation. Save time and avoid mistakes by letting the system handle these communications. Reminder emails are also sent indicating check-in or pick-up details. The email voucher shows important reservation information including inclusions, restrictions, what to bring, and cancellation policies. It also includes any custom comment for the customer.

  • Upgrade recommendations

    Automatically recommend available "add-ons" for the booked product, or show "related products" that the booking may be upgraded to. Customers can easily upgrade with a series of clicks without re-entering information. Upgrade opportunities are shown on the thank you page, a thank you email, and a customizable follow-up email. You can manage "UPGRADE" settings per product allowing you to customize exactly how upgrades work.

  • One more booking

    Recommend related products which can be booked together with the already-booked product to further boost sales. Customers can book related products without re-entering existing information.