For operations

Streamline your day-to-day work

Our full-featured booking system lets you streamline your operations with ease. It lives in the cloud, allowing you to access the system 24/7 around the globe. Transform digitally using our local-experience-first lineup.

  • Comprehensive Availability Control

    Easily manage daily calendar & availability per product using common inventory, shared inventory, or per-agent dedicated inventory

  • Reservation & Invoice

    Our reservation model is specialized for local experience and invoices are generated automatically

  • Resource Management

    Assign staff, vehicles, and equipment to reservations for easier operation with per-resource assignment lists

Comprehensive Availability Control

You can easily manage availability & inventory using a calendar-based view. Once you set inventory for a product, customers may book with instant confirmation. If minimum participant requirements are set, instant booking will not be triggered until these requirements are met. Managing comprehensive daily calender & availability with per-agent dedicated inventory to save tons of time. Shared inventory among products is useful for managing a wide variety of product lineups while preventing overbooking.

  • Calendar rules

    Our flexible calendar rules cover seasonality, weekday/weekend differences, and different start times. After setting rules and any days when the product is not offered, the calendar will be printed automatically without further action. Multiple start times on the same product are available and each start time may be set up with different inventory rules. Minimum participants requirements are considered automatically by the system, making availability and booking management for minimum participants a breeze.

  • Inventory Settings

    Common inventory in a product is available for anybody who can book with instant confirmation. If you need to manage dedicated inventory for certain channels, you can set dedicated inventory for each agent channel. Shared inventory is also available, allowing multiple products to be managed with just a single calendar and preventing the possibility of overbooking.

  • Flexible daily edit

    Availability and occupancy for multiple products can be shown in a single view. Products may be filtered using tags to narrow down the list. Intuitively manage daily changes for occupancy (common & per-channel dedicated inventory), switch to request booking, or close the calendar to stop selling immediately.

Reservation & Invoice

Our booking system is specialized for local experience providers. You can manage reservations easily, search reservations by any criteria, and export reservation data as PDF or csv. Generate invoices for agents automatically with custom prices and invoice conditions.

  • Reservation model

    Nutmeg reservation management is tailored to local experience to make your operations easier. Reservations support "request booking", where you can manage a waiting list for cancellation, and "minimum participants requirements", where reservations are put into standby until the minimum participants are reached. Check-in and pick-up locations are easy to manage and they are integrated with Google Maps for customer convenience. Payment options are flexible, including "paid in advance" and "pay on board". Fare adjustment features are useful for adjusting reservation amounts after the initial booking.

  • Search & export reservations

    Search reservations by customer name, participation date, booked date, product name, booking source, or any other of a wide array of criteria. Search results may be downloaded as CSV files, which can be easily incorporated into sales reports.

  • Automated invoice generation

    Nutmeg generates invoices for registered agents automatically based on current reservation records. You can set different conditions per agent to generate invoices that include accurate prices and price breakdowns. Transaction details can also be downloaded for quick reconciliation with agents. Nutmeg provides invoice templates that can be used directly.

Manage your resources

Ease your operations by registering your resources (staff, vehicles, and equipment) in advance and assign reservations to these resources to generate customer lists for each resource. Our flexible Manifest allows customizing items and format for each type of staff. Easily export and share.

  • Customizable Manifest

    Show a list of customers with your configured format. The manifest includes item orders per product, or per configured product grouping. Manifests can be directly exported and shared with appropriate staff.

  • Staff assignment

    Staff work shifts can be managed by registering each staff member's work schedule. Assigning reservations per staff member generates a dedicated manifest each type of staff (Guide, Instructor, Driver and Reception). The dedicated manifest is also customizable and can be directly printed, or shared via email or chat tools.

  • Capacity control for resources

    Assigning reservations per resource (vehicle, boat, equipment, facility, etc...) generates a dedicated manifest per resource and capacity is calculated per resource. You don't need to worry about managing resource capacity since clear occupancy of resources prevents you from overloading. Since we allow registering unlimited resources, you can register outsourced resources alongside in-house resources, and share outsourced resource assignments directly with the outsource entity.