For sales

Distribution Services

Support sales works with Distribution Service by Nutmeg. Cover product planning and its contents give you more options to get sales effectivily. Also take care of Agents deals (Tariff, Availability, Reservation) by API connectivity where you dramatically streameline your day-to-day operations. Expand distribution channels by our digital services such as affiliates, B2B marketplace and Cross selling network are online distribution tools for your business.

  • Suport products by digital tool

    One stop digital tool for your product from planning to conents management with multilingual

  • Expand your online distribution

    Digital distribution serivice for affiliates, Cross selling network and B2B marketplace

  • Ditribute to OTA & Agents

    Connects your live availability and bookings via API connectivity that streamline your operation

Suport products by digital tool

Our digital tool support your product marchandising (planning, variation), contents management and multilingualization. Experience specialized product data model allow you to have wide variety of lineups with add-on on, transporatiion selarately, package combination product. When you manage product contents, you can efficiently manage multi languages for a product together with source language.

  • Product variations

    Cutomize a product with flexicibility give you more options for product variations and meet customer demand deeply. You can manage any info about a product by digital tool on Nutmeg where people easily onbaord contents iteself that allow you to consider to set add-ons and transporation selarately. The system automatially calculate fares for per booking paid transporation or per paritipant paid transporatiion without any additional settings.

  • Package product combination

    You can create a package product combination using by your inhouse different products into one product such as Tour A + Activity B. It is avalable to set multi day tour at your own creation. (ex: Day1: Tour A, Day2: Activity B) in package combiantion as well. 3rd party package product combination is available if you have collaboration products with somebody. The system manage all of them automatically wihtout any additional operations.

  • Multilingalize your product

    You can easily translate products contents into the other language by digital translation tool. In addition to English, available for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese at the moment. Booking website itself is also multilingual capability with selected langage where you will reach out more international markets online. Our translation feature have "Dictionary" make the same text automatically translate them without repeated procedure.

Expand your online distribution

Why don't we reach out new online ditribution channels together? Nutmeg provide you with easy online distribution program for your business. Cover not only for OTA and agents, but also more digital channels such as affiliates, Cross Selling netowork where you can expect to get more online bookings.

  • New channels on B2B Marketplace

    Nutemg can wholesale your products for our resistered OTAs and agnets if you don't have contracts with them directly. Our distribution channels covers Asian OTAs and distributors, and small to middle size agents with online distributor program. You are required to pass our review procedure if you want to use it, please ask us more details.

  • Get more exposure by digital affiliate

    Digital affilaite service give you greater online exposure with media, influencer, and any allicance partners you want. Booking website is calable to make dedicated pages for those partners and get online bookings on the spot. It is also useful for offline media such as magazine, freepapers to use QR code scanning for dedcated pages as well. The dedicated pages have tracking capability so that you can manage rewards for them easily.

  • Cross Selling network among providers

    You can cooporate with the other experience provider by selling products each other online. On the same region cooporation give customer more options to book at hand on the website or on demand booking by your company. Once you incorporate pupular products into your product as package, collaboration package combination is possible.

Ditribute to OTA & Agents

Digitize your recurrent operations for OTAs and agents that dramatically save your time and streamline oprations. Automatic connectivity for live availabiity, reservation, and tariff managements with prices. We support your digital transformation for sales work flows by handy digital distribution services.

  • API connectivity by Channel Manager

    API connectivity with OTAs and agents give you benefits for your business. Live availability enhance its booking conversion by customer and get last minutes sales with real cut off time. You will be no longer manage inventory for each channels one by one that save your time a lot. API will get bookings automatically into the booking system including new booking, update booking and cancelaltion, you just need to check them if there is any problem there. Don't have to put each bookings into system any more!

  • Price management by E-tariff

    Manage price and commision per product for agents so easily by online E-tariff tool on Nutmeg. You can set default commision rate for selected agent, then modify any prices on individual products later on. Export price list per agent for PDF or csv file can be useful for attachment on the contract renewal on every year. Invoice will be automatically generated based on set price on the E-tariff.

  • Auto campaign recognition

    Let's simplify procedure of campaigns for OTAs and agents. The booking system automatically make records for campain if a booking really fullfilled conditions of campaign without any additional actions. Recorded reservation will automatically show on an invoice for booked agent that is reconcilable with them quickly.