Digital alliances with media, influencers, tourism organizations, and local papers boost your online bookings. Use Nutmeg to make dedicated booking websites for partners. Communicate with customers directly after they book and automatically manage reports for partners.

  • Digital alliances

    Provide a dedicated booking website for your partners or booking widget embed code for use in their existing website

  • Automatic reports

    See actuals and report onscreen along with available Google Analytics for the partner to keep track of metrics

  • Nutmeg manages payment for partners

    Nutmeg can pay your rewards for partners on your behalf when online payment is settled

Digital alliances

  • Dedicated booking website for your partners

    Nutmeg provides dedicated booking websites for your alliance partners including media, influencers, tourism organization, and local papers. Digital alliances increase exposure and strengthen your booking website. The dedicated booking website shows the partner's logo and supports mobile and tablet. You can still communicate directly with customers that book through partner sites.

  • For digital media

    Just attach a link on online media or social media if you have alliances with digital media or individual influencers. Embedded booking widget code is also available to show live availability on a calendar view.

  • For offline media

    Use a QR code in offline media such as local paper, guide book and any travel books. Customers can scan the code to arrive at the booking website. The dedicated booking website includes all your experience info so you no longer need to include lots of information in offline media.

Automated report

  • Per-partner report

    Nutmeg creates per-partner reports automatically based on reservations booked through dedicated booking websites. Automatic reward calculation occurs when prices are set in advance.

  • Extranet for your partners

    Your partners can log in to the Nutmeg extranet to access product and booking data. Our extranet lives on the cloud for easy access 24/7. Using the extranet, partners may also edit their logos and company info and generate embedded booking widget code without your help.

  • Analytics for partners

    Nutmeg attaches your partner's Google Analytics tags so they can track page views and conversions on their own. This is useful for partners to be able to analyze customer behavior on their dedicated website.

Nutmeg manages payment for partners

  • Pay on your behalf

    Nutmeg can pay rewards to partners on your behalf when online payment is settled for a booking. To enable this service you'll need to inform us of the scope of your partners and their bank account information.

  • Domestic company or individual

    If your partner is a company or individual in the USA, Nutmeg will help you pay rewards in US dollars. Please contact us for more details

  • Overseas company or individual

    Nutmeg can also help you pay rewards to partners in Japan in Japanese yen. Please contact us for more details.