Set your availability with inventory using Nutmeg's handy tools tailored for local experiences. Operating days can be easily set by selecting days of the week and non-operational days can be registered, after which the calendar will be set up automatically. Set inventory flexibly using common inventory, dedicated inventory, and shared inventory. Calendar-based views for daily availability & occupancy make it easy to check and edit them intuitively.

  • Operating days

    Set rules for operating days by date range, days of week, and exceptions. Multiple start times are supported

  • Comprehensive inventory

    Flexible types of inventory are available. Common inventory, dedicated inventory, and shared inventory features make inventory management easy

  • Daily edit

    Intuitive calendar-based views for product availability & occupancy with direct daily edit

Operating days

  • Base rules

    Define your product operating dates easily with date range, days of week, and exceptions for non-operational days. These rules can describe your seasonality differences, day-of-week differences, and special non-operational dates like Christmas or New Year's Day. In addition to rules, edits can be made directly on specific calendar dates.

  • Start times

    Multiple start times are available for a single product without having to create new products. Unlimited start times allow you to set time slots every hour for booking acceptance. You can also include start time descriptions to show a time range of operating hours or other tips together with start times.

  • Flexible operation settings

    Include multiple configurations for a single product to represent seasonality or other differences. For example, a product may be offered Monday to Friday in summer starting at 6:00 AM, but only be offered Saturday and Sunday in winter starting at 7:00 AM. Another product may be offered year round, but start at 9:00 AM Monday to Friday and 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Flexible settings allow representing all kinds of product schedules.

Comprehensive inventory

  • Common inventory

    Common inventory useful when a product has limited capacity. Anyone may book on the spot and receive confirmation instantly as long as inventory is available. This improves conversion rate on your booking website. Once configured capacity is reached, Nutmeg automatically switches to request booking with manual confirmation so you no longer need to worry about overbooking.

  • Dedicated inventory

    Set dedicated inventory for certain channels if you receive many bookings through your booking website, or if agents require dedicated blocks of seats. Dedicated inventory is only consumed by the selected channel. If dedicated inventory is exhausted, Nutmeg automatically switches to common inventory without any loss of sales.

  • Shared inventory

    If you have related products with the same inventory, you can make use of shared inventory among those products. The number of products that share allotment is unlimited so you can offer scores of product lineups without additional operations.

Daily edit

  • Intuitive calendar views

    Calendar-based views for multiple products or single products show daily availability and occupancy at a glance. Product occupancy per time slot uses intuitive color coding and products can be filtered by tag to occupancy for related products on a single screen. This allows you to effortlessly review and edit specific dates across products.

  • Change inventory & request booking

    Easily change inventory quantities or booking acceptance per product with while viewing accurate occupancy comparison. Switch to request booking if operation for certain dates is subject to uncertainty. Request booking can be switched back to use inventory instantly if the situation changes.

  • Stop selling

    Closing the calendar for a product on a specific date will stop sales immediately. Close the calendar for all channels at once or close the calendar only for certain channels. If the situation changes, it's only a couple of clicks to re-open the calendar and resume sales.