Channel Manager

Connect your availability and bookings with OTAs and agents via API to dramatically streamline your day-to-day operations. Agents can retrieve live availability which allows for last minute instant bookings and increases agent conversions. Agent bookings automatically arrive in your account, leaving manual bookkeeping in the past.

  • Availability & Reservations

    Live availability and automatic reservation from agent channels streamline your day-to-day operations

  • Wide range of distributors

    We are connected to a wide range of OTAs and Asian agents of all sizes. Our network is constantly expanding

  • Global Standard Connectivity

    Modern API that OTAs can connect to and B2B extranet for partners

Availability & Reservations

  • Live availability connectivity

    All Nutmeg availability info shown in a product calendar can be retrieved by distribution channels automatically. This includes all inventory changes, switches to request booking, and calendar closures initiated in Nutmeg's tools. You'll no longer need to log in to OTA extranets or communicate availability to agents. Live availability also increases conversion rate through last minutes bookings.

  • Reservation connectivity

    Reservations from distribution channels arrive in your account automatically, preventing any possibility of mistakes when information is relayed. These reservations will only need your quick review for possible issues. Cancellations and modifications made by distribution channels are also instantly reflected in your account. If you you cancel a booking or change pick up info, the appropriate channel will be notified via webhook. All this automation can dramatically streamline your day-to-day operations.

  • Accommodations & Pick up info

    We can automatically suggest a pickup location based on the customer's registered accommodation if you have a predefined pickup route. We use geographic distance to find the pickup route location closest to the customer's accommodation.

Wide range of distributors

  • Global & Asian OTAs

    Nutmeg have connectivity with Global OTAs and Asian OTAs who specialize in local experiences (Tour & Activities). If an existing partner is listed in Nutmeg's alliance list, you'll be able to connect with them instantly. We are continuously connecting with other OTAs. Contact us if you have a wish list.

  • Major travel agents

    Nutmeg has also connected with major agents and local land operators in your destination. These connections not only capture web bookings, but also shops, tour desks, and lounges, allowing API bookings from all of these. If your products are part of a certain agent's package tours, you can easily set and manage dedicated inventory for these products.

  • Small- to mid-size agents

    Nutmeg supports small to mid-sized agents who aren't currently using an operation system. We provide agents with a dedicated B2B extranet for free where they can check availability, make new bookings, and manage bookings. No complicated procedure needed, just share log in info after receiving it from us. B2B extranet supports multiple languages so you can share it with overseas agents as well.

Global Standard Connectivity

  • Modern API

    Nutmeg provides distribution channels with a modern, efficient API with detailed documentation for developers available in English and other languages. It's a standard REST API and we expose webhooks for notifications. Feature updates always maintain backwards compatibility so existing API users can make use of new features whenever it's convenient while continuing to rely on existing behavior.

  • B2B-dedicated extranet

    Nutmeg provides a cloud-based B2B extranet for agents who don't wish to connect via API. They can log in to the extanet using an ID and password from anywhere. The extranet allows agents to check live product availability, make new bookings, and update or cancel existing bookings. Agents that use our extranet will no longer need to email, FAX, or call you.

  • Support integration

    Nutmeg supports OTAs and agents who wish to integrate with our API or use the B2B extranet. Our professional support team offers support in English and other languages.