Collaborative Package

Create combination package products with third parties to appeal to customers in new ways. Combine your products with popular products in the same region or discover well-booked products in our cross-selling network to boost conversions on your booking website. No additional operations and no additional payment required.

  • More product lineups

    Create combination package products with other providers' products expand product lineups

  • No additional operations

    Nutmeg manages everything and package settings may be pre-configured

  • Nutmeg manages payment for partners

    Nutmeg can manage your payment for partners on your behalf when online payment is settled

More product lineups

  • Package with third parties

    Creating package products with third parties broadens your product lineup, giving customers more options. Benefit from deep alliances with partners.

  • High-demand product combinations

    We recommend including popular products from our cross-selling network or including products that customers have asked about. Meet customer demand with one-stop booking to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Same-region popular product combinations

    Combinations with popular products in the same region have high appeal to customers. Boost your own products through collaborative package products with your partners.

No additional operation

  • Automated operation

    Nutmeg manages availability and booking for package products that span the cross-selling network. Once the package product is created, no additional operation is required.

  • Availability connectivity

    Nutmeg manages availability of package products based on availability of both your products and the third party products, preventing the package from being booked when any component product of the package is not available. This prevents overbooking from occurring for you or your partners. Request booking can also be useful for maintaining a cancellation waiting list. Standby for minimum participant requirements is also useful for complicated products.

  • Detailed settings for booking

    Package booking configuration settings are flexible to accommodate real-world scenarios. For example, if customers need to be picked up from your experience location and dropped off at the third party's participation location this can be configured in package settings.

Nutmeg pays partners

  • Payment on your behalf

    Nutmeg can pay out NET amounts to your partners, eliminating any additional burden, and allowing you to take advantage of package products to boost your offerings.