Ease operations by assigning pre-registered staff, vehicles, boats and equipment to reservations. Manage limited resource capacity using Nutmeg's automatic occupancy tracking. Dispatch assignments are also shown in Manifests.

  • For Guide, Instructor, Driver

    Create dedicated customer lists by assigning reservations to guides, instructors, drivers, and receptionists

  • For Vehicle, Boat, Equipment

    Manage resource capacity and rentals easily by associating reservations with vehicles, boats, equipments, and cameras

  • Outsourcing compatibility

    Directly share resource customer lists to outsourcing companies via email

For Guide, Instructor, Driver

  • Per-staff member customer list

    Create a dedicated customer list for each staff member by assigning reservations to each guide, instructor, driver, or receptionist. Customer lists include all info that your employees need to do their jobs and take care of your customers.

  • Staff registration

    Register staff members with their name and work schedule allowing easy onscreen work shift management. When assigning reservations to staff members, only staff members who are scheduled to be working that day are selectable to help avoid mistaken assignments. There is no limit to the number of staff members you can register. Add, edit, and delete staff members as needed.

  • Assignments and Sharing

    Assign reservations to staff members on a given date to generate per-employee customer lists. Quickly share these lists directly to staff. Assignments are reflected in manifests allowing you to check for consistency from the manifest view.

For Vehicle, Boat, Equipment

  • Manage capacity

    Manage capacity of each resource at a glance by registering your assets and facilities in advance. Assigning reservations to a resource automatically calculates occupancy and shows it on screen. Capacity tracking eases operations for rentals or facility usage.

  • Resource registration

    Register vehicles, boats, ships, facilities, and equipment by name and capacity. Freely add, edit, or delete resources without limits.

  • Assignments and management

    Assigning reservations to a resource creates a dedicated customer list that shows occupied capacity at a glance. You won't make the mistake of assigning beyond capacity.

Outsourcing compatibility

  • Dedicated list for outsourcing

    Assigned customer lists can be used as dedicated lists for outsourcing companies. If you are requesting a vehicle or driver, include the desired model and target customers. If you are requesting equipment, you can include the number of each type of equipment and the target customer list as an outsourcing request.

  • Export PDF & csv

    Export customer lists as PDF and CSV. Attach files in email or chat tools as is, or exclude unnecessary information in Excel before sharing. You can improve work efficiency without breaking your existing resource request method.

  • Direct email

    Directly email a customer list to an outsourcing company if no modifications are needed by typing an email address and pressing "Send".