Auto Email

Send emails to customers automatically throughout the booking lifecycle: new bookings, updates, cancellations, and reminders. Streamline operations and avoid mistakes. Booking emails include all information necessary for use as an E-voucher: reservation number, check-in or pick-up location with Google Map, cancellation policy, and special instructions. Customer can easily review these details for peace of mind prior to participating.

  • Friendly instructions

    Send emails for reservation events and send an automatic reminder 24 hours before participation

  • E-voucher

    Emails detail product conditions, location details, cancellation, and other info

  • Participation support

    Emails include locations with Google Maps. Save time with detailed location descriptions provided in advance.

Friendly instructions

  • Thank you email

    After booking, the customer will receive a thank you email including detailed info about their reservation. Since these emails show reservation number, booking status, and fees, customers are able to review info for correctness. Any direct customer replies will be forwarded to your company's pre-registered email address.

  • Cover any updates of booking & cancellation

    Customers will also receive automatic emails when you confirm a request booking, decline the booking, put the booking in standby, change check-in or pick up info, add comments to the booking, or cancel the booking. You just need to process booking onscreen and email sending will be triggered automatically.

  • Reminder before participation

    Send friendly reminder emails to customers 24 hours before participation to allow customers to review participation details. Reminders are always sent based on your local time so customer timezone is not a concern.


  • Voucher has everything you need

    Customers can easily view reservation ID and participation details in emails. For incoming customer inquiries or issues, you can easily find bookings using Nutmeg's reservation search.

  • Conditions, Caution, Cancellation policy

    Vouchers include important info from product details including conditions for participation, items for caution, and cancellation policy. Customer can see this info directly in emails without going back to a website for product info.

  • Local contact & emergency contact

    Vouchers show your official contact info (Phone, Address, Email) along with with emergency contact info. Emergency contact info is only shown on vouchers (not public) so you can use a mobile number or chat ID.

Participation support

  • Link for Google maps

    Voucher shows details of check-in or pick-up location together with a Google Map that customers can easily use to find the exact location. Any pre-registered location details will also be shown.

  • Location details

    Describe location details if check-in or pick-up location is not easy to find. Ease customer anxiety by including step-by-step instructions for reaching the location.

  • Comments for customers

    Include a personal message in the comment section if you need give a customer specific instructions. Those comments are shown together with voucher info for customer, and you can see them in reservation details to keep track of them.