Replace paper or spreadsheets with E-tariff. Effortlessly manage product prices and agent commission on a single screen. System-managed prices prevent you from making mistakes, save your time, and allow automatic generation of invoice reservation records. Eliminate the tedium and join us for your digital transformation.

  • No more paper, spreadsheets

    Manage prices and commissions with a one-stop solution that saves your time and reduces mistakes

  • Easy settings & Easy editing

    Bulk commission setting for all products with one click with support for per-product custom prices

  • Streamline contracts

    Export price lists as PDF or CSV files that can be attached to yearly contract renewals

No more paper or spreadsheets

  • Everything on a screen

    Comprehensive per product price list on a screen where you can easily view, check, and edit prices anywhere, anytime. Our intuitive edit tools don't require any complicated know-how like Excel formulas and should be easy to pick for anyone migrating from paper.

  • List of prices per agent

    Show a list of all products per agent allows you to review and edit commissions without managing separate files. If there are no rate differences among agents, set a single default commission. Common rate will apply to all agents, including new partners and our B2B marketplace distributors.

  • Connect to invoice

    Nutmeg bills reservations using registered prices and automatically generates per-agent invoices based on these prices. Repetitive work can be automated without the possibility of manual mistakes. Accurate invoices just need a quick review for finalization.

Easy settings & easy editing

  • Per-agent tariff period

    Set and edit prices per agent to ensure that they are properly registered. Products visible for each agent may be managed using product blacklists and whitelists. Prices should be based on tariff period to avoid accidentally editing past periods.

  • Bulk edit with default rate

    Set default commission rate for all products if a single rate applies for the agent. NET price calculation with the default rate automatically rounds to the nearest price. After the default rate is applied, NET prices can be adjusted individually.

  • Per product settings

    If there are different rates available among different products, you can set those rates separately for each product. Editing per product commission rate will automatically adjust the corresponding per product NET price, and vice versa.

Streamline contract

  • Export price list per agent

    Generated per agent price lists can be exported one by one. Attach exported files to contracts or copy-and-paste contents into contracts. Save time when renewing contracts each year.

  • Export to csv

    Export per-agent price lists to CSV and then edit or copy components directly into contracts. Past price lists are also downloadable for record-keeping.

  • Export to PDF

    Exporting to PDF is also available for printing, reviewing, or sharing. PDFs may also be attached to contracts if no edits are required.