Per-agent automatic invoice generation can streamline your accounting flow. We bill reservations using registered agent prices and then aggregate total amounts for each agent. Set custom per-agent billing periods to trigger automatic invoice generation for the specified period. Download invoice templates and transaction details. Fare adjustments and invoice adjustments are supported.

  • Billing period

    Set custom per-agent billing periods to invoice up to four times a month and set custom deadlines.

  • Auto invoicing & fare adjustment

    Show total amount and billing details for every agent invoice with easy fare adjustment

  • Export template & details

    Export our invoice templates in PDF directly, or export transaction details in CSV to use your own template

Billing period

  • Flexible timeline

    You can flexibly set custom per-agent billing period. Generated invoices are gathered in a single screen and they can be reviewed one-by-one. Invoices are clearly marked with a status (Not Issued, Issued, Paid) for easy tracking.

  • Number of partitions & date

    Set billing period by designating the number of partitions to divide the month into and the date per agent. Invoices are automatically generated after each specified period. With support for up to four invoice periods per month you can customize to meet each agent's circumstances.

  • Per-agent conditions

    Billing period can be set for each agent. If the same conditions apply to all agents, set a single condition once to apply to all agents. If desired, customize per-agent invoices to include invoice number, payment method, and bank account.

Auto invoicing & fare adjustment

  • Auto generation

    Per-agent invoices are generated automatically for each billing period using reservation records and registered prices. Invoice period is based on your local time for easy amount calculation with international agents.

  • Total amount & transaction details

    View total amount and transaction details onscreen after invoice generation. Easily navigate between invoice details and reservation details for amount verification.

  • Fare & invoice adjustment

    If you need to change amount per reservation by any reasons, you can have fare adjustment for a reservatoin that automatically reflect to an invoice. We also allow you to have invoice based price adjustment directly on an invoice. Those adjustment is well considered invoice's status where you can choose either adjustment for this time, or future invoice at your disposal.

Export template & details

  • Invoice templates

    Nutmeg provides an invoice template where you can input all required info and download the resulting invoice as a PDF file.

  • Export csv

    Export billing data as CSV. Show comprehensive transaction details including pre-adjustment amounts, final amounts, and agent booking reference for easy reconciliation.

  • Use your own template

    Once your are ready to finalize the invoice details in Nutmeg, you copy-and-paste or import data into your existing accounting system or Excel to make use of your own template.