Marketing Automation

Let's automate reccomdations of upgrade and one more booking for additional sales. It takes much time to take care of customer one by one with manual instructions, make use of handy feature for communication with them. Procedure of upgrade or one more booking can be user friendly for customer with just clicking them, expect more sales in last minutes.

  • Get additional sales

    Reccomend info for customer and try to get more sales by automtic communication after booking

  • Upgrade (Upsell)

    Recommend to select add-ons later or upgrade for related product to get higher booking unit price

  • One more booking (Cross sell)

    Recommend to book pupular products booked together with applied product by customer

Get additional sales

  • Start reccomendation after booking

    Let's apeal to customer with reccomendation and try to get more sales after they booked. To enhance better experience for them, we keep in touch with customer in any touch point before paricipation. You can set both UPSELL and CROSS SELL, or select either one at your preference.

  • Auto communication

    In addtion to thank you page and email, the system send reccomendation email based on timeframe settings by yourself with multiple times. Customer can unsubscribe email with one click by themvelse if they don't wanna recieve them any more.

  • Per product settngs

    Upgrade and one more bookings are setable per product basis. You can set strategical product intentionally, or set pupular produts which boost conversion rate.

Upgrade (Upsell)

  • Select add-ons later

    To meet customer's demand later, we allow customer to select add-ons later by reccommendation. Some of customer get confused from time to time if there are so many available add-ons at once, you can set recommended or popular add-ons there. We can also show number of booked add-ons there to push customer's decision on the spot.

  • Upgrade for related product

    Reccomend upgrade for related product with booked product. Show just + XXX$ for upgrade chance stimulates customer's interest so that you can make use of package product conbination or delux version of product resistered in advance. Let's get higher booking unit price by upgrade.

  • Easy application for upgrade

    Customer don't need additional info for applicationo when they have prefered add-ons or upgrade products, just click buttons to complete with user friendly process. The system manage online payment together when customer settled the amount by credit card.

One more booking (Cross sell)

  • Reccomend combination

    Booking different products at the same time could be high hardle for customer so we make use of the rest of time after booking until participation. Showing pupular products booked together with applied products get customer's attention and trying to stimulate their interests for one more booking gradually. Using confident product or pupular products together expect more sales by the same customer.

  • Same date or different date

    One more booking is definately fine by not only on the same date, but also different date of customer paricipate. You can use either creating package product combination with multiday, single pupular products reccomendation or same date paricipatioin possible instruction for those products.

  • Easy application for one more booking

    The system take over exiting customer info and show them automatically when they book one more booking. Customer just need to check them, or edit info for booking if not all of paricipant apply for. Let's try to get one more booking in last minutes with easy application experience.