By using flexible manifest streameline your operation and preparation dramatically. It shows confirmed bookings with list of customers for products that contributes to take care of them without mistakes. You can customize items and orders on list, and make group of products by yourselves. It will be so easy to share when you create list for guides, drivers and receptions.

  • List of customers

    Show only confirmed bookings for operation or preparation with start time orders automatically

  • Grouping products

    Grouping of related products that have same operation of confluence or derivation in the same list

  • Customization

    Show items and its orders at your preference, resister them umlimitedly for any person or purposes

List of customers

  • Created automatcally

    A list of customers are created in manifest automatically based on only confirmed booking. You can choose all products, selected group of products or per product at your preference. When you created product grouping or customization in advance, it is so useful to share it for drivers, receptions and guide & instructors quickly.

  • Start time basis

    Manifest show start time basis if a product have multiple start times where you can see and take care of customers properly. Multiday product is available which shows number of participation date such as Day2 or Day3.

  • Export & Share

    Created manfest can be exported for PDF or csv files, print them out dierctly and distribute for everybody, or delete unnecessary info by spreadsheet and start sharing then. You can directly email for everybody from a screen if you wish to do it quickly.

Grouping products

  • Manage related products

    Grouping related products for confluence or derivation can show consolidated list of customer so easily. You just need to select produts for group in advance that always show list of them on a screen. No limitation for number of group to create, let's make use of any groups as you need.

  • Group resistration

    You firstly need to reister group with selected products beforehand. Any name for group is fine so that you can name them to understand easily. Selected products in a group is unlimited, you can add new products later to add them in the exiting group.

  • Edit & Delete freely

    You can edit the created group or delete them at any time. Umlimited groups give you to recreate the same group again if you mistakenly delete them or need to reuse them.


  • Preferable items & orders

    Let's cutomize manifest by your prefence of items with orders for a list. If you create preset of customization per person or roles, it easily show dedicated list for them and start sharing. Customization is also umlimited as well as groups, let's create necessary list for your business.

  • Preset resistration

    You can create a preset with any name with selecting items and its orders by drag and drops. Name can be anything you want, useful for roles or functions on your business.

  • Booking info visibility

    Decide to hide unnecesarry info from booking form by yourself. Some of answers are not directly necessary for operation itself, remove them make a slim list to see. Filtered booking info is not shown until you get them recovered.