Support your product marchandising for planning, customizing and having more variations by our handy tool. The product data model is definately local experience oriented where you can flexibly plan product conpontents for customization and variations. Package combination product is also available for different products in the same day or multiday capability. You can set booking conditions per product give products more options based on each situations.

  • Local experience oriented

    Experience with add-ons & transporation allows you to customize product easily & flexibly

  • Package product combination

    Combine different products into one package product, available multiday capability for anything

  • Flexible booking acceptance

    Set per product booking deadline, cancellation policy and minumum participant requirements

Local experience oriented

  • Customize your local experience

    The product data model is specialized for local experience where you can meet customer's demand flexibly. Those options have two type of method can describe your situation precisely. Per booking and Per participant give customer to select them one by one on booking form intuitively.

  • Add-ons

    You can set additional services such as photo service, with meals, dedicated guide and professional equipment in Add-ons. Each add-ons is indepent each other where customer select them one by one with their requirements. Use Per bookoing method and Per paritipant method allow customer to describe its group situation and demand per person so easily.

  • Transportation (Free & Paid)

    In addition to check-in & out, you can set transportation for product with price of free or paid when you pick up customer. Two different settings in the same product together is available, such as set free transportation for the designated areas and paid transportation for the other area. We can describe per vechle price in Per booking method, or per person price in Per booking method properly.

Package product combination

  • Create package product

    Handy and useful feature to create package combinatioin product by different products into one product. It allows you to have more product lineups that strongly apeal to customer. The number of conponent products are unlimited so that you can include 2 or 3 and more products at the same time. Package combination is availeble not only in your inhouse products, but also with 3rd party products as collaboration package.

  • Auto availability

    Manage package product availability is based on conponents of built-in products automatically by the system, don't have to take care of this with additional operation. If either product is not available, package avalability don't accept booking that prevent you from over booking. Request booking features is handy and flexible for package as well.

  • Multiday package product

    Create multiday package product combination by different products or the same product. For example, Day1:Tour + Day2: Activity, or 3 days Scuba diving package is possible. You can select which day applies for booking when you create package product for multiday purpose. Those different date is definately managed automatically by live availability by the system.

Flexible booking acceptance

  • Per product setting

    You can set booking conditions per product based on its nature or situation. It includes booking deadilne, cancellation policy and minumum participants requirements. Those flexible and precise settings describe your product properly.

  • Booking deadline & Cancellation policy

    Nutmeg realizie your demand of getting last minutes booking, but not give customer instant confirmation without any phone call. Combine instant confirmation and request booking for the same product where you can set different booking deadline separately. Cancellatioin policy is available to describe timeline based fee application easily such as no fee until 5:00 pm of 2days prior to paritipation, 50% applied until 5:00 pm of 1 day prior to paritipation and 100% after them. Selecting type of fee is either specific time (hh:mm of n day prior) or hour time (n hours prior) that give you more flexible deadlines.

  • Minimum paricipant requirements

    Local experience require minimum participant from time to time, Nutmeg can express them properly. If you set inventory for instant confirmation, the system automatically get booking as temp booking until minumum paritipant requirements fullfilled. After fullfilled number of requirements, you will get the rest of booking with instant confirmation accordingly. We can turn on instant confirmation for any product that enhance booking conversion on your booking website, and don't miss oppurtunity of sales loss.