Online Payment

Online payment saves your time together with online booking. Nutmeg covers major brands of international credit cards with multi currency settelement. Auto refund is available if cancellation happen. Also support additinal charge or partial refund on Nutmeg console. We support necessary features in a tool, you don't have to log in payment gateway separately.

  • Credit card settelment

    Easily start accomodating internatinal brands of credit cards. Available paid in full on a website and paid later via Email

  • Multi currency with FX rate

    Settle with multi currency you select. Amount always converted with FX rate autmatically where internatinal customer is easy to understand

  • Auto refund & fare adjustment

    Support necessary features for cancellation or changes happen. You just need to use Nutmeg without log in payment gateway console

Credit card settelment

  • International Credit card Brands

    Available international credit card brands such as VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS. It is so secured for protection of personal info since we don't preserve any credit card infomation at all with global standard.

  • Secured procedure for settlement

    Firstly check credit card availability by auth in advnce automatically prevent your from unable to settle amount later. We only charge credit card when a booking comfirmed where you don't miss any risks to get paid.

  • Paid later via Email

    As well as online booking on a website, you can ask customer to pay later with their credit card via email in case of get booking via email or phone. It is also useful to use this feature for adding the other services on site such as add-ons, other experience and goods. We automatically send recipt for customer at any time, you don't have to issue a recipt any more.

Multi currency with FX

  • For International customer

    You can settle amount by selected currencies on top on your original currency. Some of interintional credit cards are not compartible with your local currency payment from time to time, those options are useful at that time.

  • Auto conversion by FX rate

    Amount of payment is automatically converted into selected currency by FX rate on that date. Customer easily understand value of them, then finalize to book. Nutmeg make remmitance for your bank account in USD when the other currency settlement happan.

  • Cheaper than shop rate

    We provide customer with better rate than currency exchange at local shop or bank reception. Our FX rate is competable with major OTAs that make you to have price competition for your website booking.

Auto refund & fare adjustment

  • Auto refund for cancellation

    Automatically refund for settled credit card if cancellation happen by any reason. You can select refund amount when you cancel a booking that remains cancellation fee properly by % of amount or fixed amouont flexibly.

  • Additional Charge

    You can charge additional amount for a credit card when changes or add-on application happen. Putting details of additional charge automatically send recipt for customer, and notes for your opration

  • Partial refund

    Parcial refund for settled credit card is also available if a part of experience cancelled dut to bad weather, or complain come from customer. Send recipt for them should be useful for everybody.