Private Marketplace

Let's use Private Marketplace if you want to build competeable booking website than OTAs. Support customer aquisition on a website for digital marketing, and user friendly pages boost booking conversion by intuitive tool where you can build your preferable pages there. Well organized latest website definately contribute to get more online bookings.

  • Online customer aquisition

    Support SEO internal optimized pages for everywhere, freely create any specfic landing pages by tool

  • User friendly pages

    Easy to find products which enhance stay of website, reduce bounce back and leads to booking in the end

  • Stimulate booking there

    Attactive limited info get attention, then pupularity makes customer book on the spot without worries

Online customer aquisition

  • SEO friendly

    We provide SEO friendly page with internal optmization, that is usually not easy to do it by yourself alone. It applies for all pages automatically so that you don't need those knowledge or actions any more. They includes organized page structure, html optimization, faster loading page, and sitemap generation that is essental for your ditigal marketing.

  • Create landing pages easily

    Specified langding page such as type of product, seasonality, campains, specials for each target can be easily created by tool. Each landing page have Key visual, Description, and Highlights where you can describe attractve points for customer directly. Those pages are usable for ads, sharable for social media as well.

  • Auto submit for search engine

    As we generate sitemap.xml for your booking website automatically, you just need to put the sitemap URL on search console that starts indexing your pages comprehensively on search engine. It is updatable by system automatically reflect new product, landing pages quickly.

User friendly pages

  • Ranking & Reccomendation

    Make use of raking and reccomendation properly leads customer to next page that prevent customer from losing where to go. You can designate ranking and reccomendation manually, or generate them by system automatically either. Setting products on ranking and reccomdantion will attach mark of them on product card list and product details that apeal to customer.

  • Category & Featured

    Create caterory and featured pages flexblely by tools to find products easily. Those pages are so apealing for customer who wanna find selected or suitable theme for them. Generated category and featured can be used for sidebar filtering to narrow down products as well.

  • Filtering & Sort

    Sidebar filtering is available to narrow down a list of products to find specified conditions by customer quickly. Then customer can change order of product by sort of price or name based on filtered results there. Product tags are also available for filtering to select specific condition on your product with customized items.

  • Bookmark

    Customer can bookmark any products from everywhere, and see bookmark page from header as to compare products easily. It is available when customer come back again to your website with the same browser.

Stimulate booking there

  • Number of booked people

    Showing number of booked people recently express pupularity that ease customer worries for booking on the spot. The definition of counting booked people have variatioins so that you can select appropriate one by yourself. It can easily turn off (not to show) if you want to hide them.

  • Limited seats

    Showing limited seats mark on calender if the remaing seats is under definition. Limited availability get customer attention, then let them to book earlier on booking website. You can manage the definitioin at any time from a tool, or turn it off if you don't wanna use it.

  • campains

    Showing type of campaings and its details on product details, and calendar with discounted rate that stimulate customer's interest on your booking website. Campain date is easy to understand on calendar directly, customer don't lose them any more. Try to get higher conversion on your booking website by better campaings