Contents Management

Comprehensive prduct contents management tool is available for local experience. The data model describe any points of product such as basic info, images & movies, itineraries, conditions for booking, cautions for paritippation and other tip info. Onboarded products contents automatically show on your booking website, don't need additional procedure to upload them. You can translate those contents into the other available languages by our tool that available for international customer easily.

  • Comprehensive contents

    Any points of describing local experience that automatically show on your booking website

  • Images & movies

    Upload images on dedicated server unlimitedly, manage movie with Youtube URL easily

  • Multilingulization

    Translate contents into the other available languages with tool that have dictionary feature

Comprehensive contents

  • Easy to onboard & edit

    Product data model is specialized for local experience allows you to manage them easily. Show basic info & highlights with images or movies for core of products, and the other comprehensive product info is available. You can attach product tag to make grouping for filtering or showing small conditions on your booking website.

  • Itineraries

    Detailed itineraries stimulates customer's interest and get them understand a product propetly. We provide you with managing them by intuitive tool to edit. Let's apeal to customer with each schedule item of title and description. Multiple start times are available for the same settings that shows each start time itinerary accordingly.

  • Inclusions, Conditions, Cautions, Tips

    As local experience have a wide variety of nature and its details, we descibe them with important and necessary items with proven data model. Starts from inclusions & exclusions, requirements & restrictions for booking, what to bring & other info for participation. You can manage everything need for your product.

Images & movies

  • Upload them unlimitedly

    It is so important to attact customer by images or movies, we allow you to upload them on our dedicated server unlimitedly. You can download uploaded images later on that can streamline your management about them and internally share them without any additional actions. If you provide B2B dedicated extranet for your agents, they should be able to see and download them on the spot.

  • Faster loading & auto resizing

    Uploaded images can be shown faster with auto resizing if you use Private Marketplace feature. Faster page loading is extremely imporant nowadays with high pixcels images that is provided by Nutmeg properly. Let's use professional website experience like OTAs.

  • Movies on Youtube

    Support movie on youtube so easily, you don't have to put embed code or bulit in them on your website any more. Just put URL of youbute on tool that shows movies on your booking website or Private marketplace smoothly.


  • Translation

    You can translate onboaded product contents into the other available langages of Japanse, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. It is possible to add more languages if you want to manage them, please ask us more details directly. Nutmeg could support your translation with the other paid services.

  • Translation tool

    Translate product contents on a screen directly without using any spreadsheet or documents. Looking at the original language on the left, then putting translation on the right as comparison. You may open those tools for translators temporally if you wish to do it.

  • Distionary feature

    Don't have to translate the same text over and over any more. We provide you with dictionary feature which automatically translate the exact same sentence into the other lanauges. It doen't take time for translation as usual, no worries for lots of product contents from today.