A wide variety of campaign specialized for local exparience and coupon with promo code can be beneficial and strong marketing tool for you. Showing campaign info on booking website give customer to feel attractive and limited info for booking at hand. Coupon with promo code should be useful for your repeater or membership with secret sale, and make use it for special coupon of your alliance partners.

  • Wide variety of campaigns

    Specialized for local experience based camapaigns are available with period and applicable channel

  • Coupon

    Secret sale or royalty program for specific target by settings promo code on your booking website

  • Apeal price for customer

    Show attractive and limited campaign info on your website or embeded booking widget

Wide variety of campaigns

  • Specilized for local experience

    Nutmeg provide you with a wide variety of campaigns not only for simple distount, but also early bird discount or last minutes discouunt whose condition with date for paricipation, Group discount or Family discount whoser condition with number of applied people for any situations by flexible settings. It is also available for premium charge on specifc date period in high season at hand.

  • Date period settings

    You can select date range period by booked date and paricipation date that makes campaign so flexibly. Booked date condition can be useful for flash sales, and paritipcation date condition can be good for limited campaign in certain period. Those combinatons are useful to manage campaigns in high season and sesonality easily.

  • Discount rate & amount

    Either type of discount is applicable, percentage of total (ex:20%) amount or fixed amount (ex:10$)). You can select campaign applicable units such as only Adult (child is out of scope) that give you more flexible optioins for approprate campaign.

  • Auto verifycation for conditions

    The system automatically verify whether a applied booking is really fullfilled the condition of campaign or not. You don't have to check each reseravtion one by one, always leave it to us. Turn off and on for campaign are available by tool at any time.

  • Select applicable channel

    When you create campaign, also select applicable channels such as only on your booking website, or for all channels including OTAs and agents. Just click to select channels on a screen.

  • All product or per product

    You can apply created campaign for all prducts, or per product at your decision. Different settings is available amoang channels such as all products discountable for your booking website, but agents are only have per product campaign.


  • Promo code

    Using promo code allow you to manage promotions in details for special coupon for repeater, membership, royalty program and secret sale with social media. Make use of coupon for your alliance partners with predicided promo code can be good incentives for them as well.

  • Valid date

    You can set flexible date range period for vaildation of coupon as well as campaign. Specifically designating period in coupon can be monthly recurrent secret sale for specific customer easily. Turn coupon off or on is manage by tool quickly.

  • Auto verification

    If you set detailed conditions for coupon like campaign, the system also autmatically verify a applied booking fullfilled condition of coupon or not. Let's make use of coupon with group discount and family discount for aggresive sale that get attention of customer.

Apeal price for customer

  • Show info on product

    Created camapaigns are automatically shown in booking website everywhere with user friendly display method. Apealing to customer by campaign mark, discount rate and details of campaign on product list and product details. Get attention of customer leads to booking on your booking website in the end.

  • Booking form compartibility

    Campaign info is also shown on booking form with auto condition verifycation where customer easily look at camapign application or not. You can see those campaign application details on reservation details on a screen including which promo code applied. If you want to analyze promo code effectiveness, download reservatioins and find out promo codes quickly.

  • For embeded booking widget

    Campaign info is shown at embeded calender of booking widget as well. Customer apply for booking with promotion without any additional action at your exiting website.