Reservation model is specialized for local exprience with a wide variety of features. It also covers model of important instructions for participation such as check-in info or pick-up info. You can search a reservation by any conditions easily, then export a result for csv that allows you to make necessary report quickly.

  • Local experience models

    Instant booking & Request booking with confirmation later, customizable handy booking form by yourself

  • Important instructions

    Support customer's participation with Check-in or Pick-up with dedicate comments for them

  • Search & Export

    Search by name of customer, date, booking number and other conditions. Export csv of result

Local experience models

  • Instant booking & Request booking

    We provide you with handy booking types, Instant booking and Request booking to express your product properly. You can use not only for just either type, but also combine both types at the same time where you can get benefits from them. Different conditions for booking deadline for each booking type is possible, manage minumum participant requirements and temp booking if applied booking is over inventory. Don't miss any oppurunity when customer wants to book.

  • Temporally booking

    Request booking allows you to manually confirm later when you have minumum participant requiremtents or waiting list for cancellation. After customer requested, you can confirm or decline with your decision by just one click on a screen. Pending booking as Standy is possible with friendly remider with deadline to confirm or decliine in the end.

  • Flexible booking form

    Local experiences needs different information of customer per product. You can customize booking form with any necessary information by handy tool that don't miss any customer info. Type of answers are selectable either by texts or drop down list. Also designate answer item as required or optinal that don't let customer furstrated when they are putting info for booking.

Important instructions

  • Participation instructions

    Suppport customer to participate your experience properly by showing check-in or pick-up info in detail for them. You can put your dedicated comments for customer together with instructions if you need anything special for them. Internal notes is also available for your operation that is not shown for custoer at all.

  • Check-in time & location

    Save your time of your instructions for customer by resistering check-in location and time in advance. It shows on product details and e-voucher for customer automatially with link of google maps where customer easily identify your location. Detailed exlanation is attachable for locations such as route to get to location, or any sign or marks of location there.

  • Pick-up time & location

    You can manage each pick up time per reservation, or specific pick up info automatically assined for a reservation. If you have predecided pick up locations or times, we reccomend you to put them on the system in advance. It autmatically suggest the nearest pick up location with identifying customer's stay point with google maps correctly. You can update decided pick up info later with flexibility for each reservation. Also put details of location as well as check-in that don't get customer confused any more.

Search & Export

  • Search by any conditions

    Search reservation by any conditions with Name of customer, Date of participation, Booked date, Name of product, Booking number and Booking source indluding agents. Parcial match method is applicable for text especially for Name or Booking number where you just put a part of text despite of full sentence or capital charactors.

  • AND, OR conditions

    As you use items on conditions to narrow down, we search your reservation that match all items at the same time (AND condition). When you select multiple conditions on the same item, it matches either conditions to find ambiguous reservation (OR condition).

  • Export csv

    You can export result of search reservation for csv file by selecting necessary colums you want. Selecting period on monthly basis give you to see all reservations at selected month that is useful to create report in your company quickly.