Booking sitebuilder

Create your online booking website for free by only a coupe of steps. It is powerful tool for someone who wanna get more online bookoings or start new exprience business. Our latest booking website allows you provide 24/7 booking capablility with instant confirmatiion for mobile, tablet and laptop. You can also use "Booking widget" embed code on your existing website that make it online capability easily.

  • Starts from free

    Create the latest booking website with a couple of steps for any devices with your customized domain

  • 24/7 Booking

    No more email or phone, showing live availability give customer with instant booking and confirmation

  • Embeded booking widget

    Attach customizable embeded code on your website make it online capability easily

Starts from free

  • Create your own booking website

    With only a couple of steps allow you to create your own booking webiste so easily. You don't need any knowladge or server for them, just put your information as a screen ask you to do it. Let's get the latest booking website and get online bookings today.

  • Moblie & Tablet friendly

    Customer is able to access booking website and make booking whenever, wherever they are by mobile & tablet friendly pages. Showing "BOOK NOW" button on sticky navigation don't miss oppotunity of book there. It is about time to get more number of mobile access on a website, and get more bookings there.

  • Your domain is available

    We firstly provide you with dedicated website URL by Nutmeg where you can change it for your domain later. Only some settings required to switch, don't need to get to know how you manage them in detail. Get preferable domain makes you to have your own experience service!

  • Support Google analytics

    As Nutmeg have already integrated with Google analytics, you just need to put tracking tags from them that autotically start tracking metircs on a website. E-commerce feature allow you to analyze booking step situation in details without any complicated settings, just activate them on Google analytics console.

24/7 Booking

  • No more emails or phones

    Customer complete all necessary steps only on a booking website without your action such as reply via Email or support by phone. Automate any booking aspect like live availability, booking acceptance and thank you email give you to streameliine exiting operation dramatically.

  • Live availability with instant confirmation

    Show your live availability at any time with instant confirmation give custmoer to book so smoothly. Our flexible booking deadline gets last minutes booking properly without any complicated settings. Set inventory for a product manage capacity not to get over booking any more.

  • Request booking capability

    Request booking allow you to get bookings more flexible if you can't set invnetory for a product. After you get request from customer, decide to confirm or decline by yourself later on. "Standby" can be very useful when there is a waiting list for cancellatioon or until number of minimum participant requirements fullfilled.

  • Minimum pax control

    The system automatically manage number of minium paticipants requirements when an inventory set to a product. Don't give instant confirmation for customer until fullfilled requirements of number, accept booking as request booking instead of usual confirmation. It switch to instant confirmation autmoatically after fullfilled number of minimum pax accordingly. It does't miss opputunity to get bookings that should be useful for your local experience precisely.

Embeded booking widget

  • Makes your website online capability

    Easy to attach our embeded booking widget code on your website make it online capablility. You can attach dedicated embeded calendar per product don't break exiting pages or layout, quickly turn them on online booking. Don't need complicated procedure, just copy code we generated on a screen, then paste your website for activation.

  • Book on your website directly

    Showing booking form on your website with modal view don't let customer leave the page, or get to confused going to different pages or URLs. They directly back to the original page and restart looking other contents.

  • Customize colors & lanuage

    You can customize colors on calendar and booking form that ally with your taste of exiting website. Change language per page is also avalable by selecting language when you generate embeded code where you can easily accomodate international customer on each language page.